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The change customized

We are Q4Change. We help companies translate their mission and vision into today's business. We do this with tailor-made change programs at a strategic and operational level and by implementing them. We assist management teams and facilitate workshops and staff, aiming for motivation and commitment throughout the organization.

By using online platforms and a well-thought-out communication strategy, we aim for sustainable behavioral and operational change with lasting impact.

Strategic session using post its

We have to put ourselves in your shoes

From sales and marketing through to administration and IT, including on-line platforms, we have the right experience. What we do and the way we approach each case, depends on the starting point and what is discussed in our initial conversations. We focus on what's needed in an organisation and use a scientific approach to make it work.

  • Change processes

    Customization at both a strategic and operational level and during implementation

    Change processes
  • Concepting

    Whether it concerns changes to the business or specific projects, we go for new ideas and seek positive change.

  • Workshops

    Effective implementation including cultural, operational and system changes.

  • Science

    Applying models from cognitive psychology, education, media and communication sciences.

  • Coaching board

    Guiding board and management in strategic changes including mergers and acquisitions.

    Coaching board

Whether a policy has to be turned upside down, the board of directors needs coaching, help making the right changes or there some-other need in the organisation; we have a customised approach.

Partner in strategy and implementation

Most managers have a pretty good idea what they want to change, but don't know how. Together with them, we discuss their vision and after that we look, together with employees, for bottlenecks in the organisation and assist them to find a way forward.

By being open, fair and critical we help people to discover how to perform at their best and how to take control. Our solutions succeed because of our customised approach on strategic, operational, administrative and IT levels, during planning and implementation. 

Do you want to know more about the approach? Please contact us for a free consultation. 

Who we work for

Some of our clients

This is what we stand for

We have experience in managerial and executive roles. This seniority means that we can listen, understand and give advice in a personal way that suits our clients. We always work as if it were our own company.

  • Play it fair.

    Play it fair.

    Everything is achievable
    As long as you discuss it first and plan

    With our seniority and decisive approach, we quickly get to the heart of the problem.

  • Ignite


    If you get motivation and see the results from it, then it is right.

    The impact of our approach always exceeds the expectations of companies and employees. 

  • Be Bold

    Be Bold

    We dare to be honest.
    We put your interests in front of our own.

    Our honest answers give people a different view of their own organization.

  • Imagine


    Our approach is to visualise ourselves in your position.

    Because we involve your people in projects, they are motivated to actively participate in the changes.

  • Reflect


    You only learn if you can look critically at yourself.

    Our change plans help organizations, and the development of their people.

The Q makes the difference

The Q of Quality plays a major role in the work we do. Because everything we do must be of the highest quality, if you want to feel a new motivation within a company. Positive, sustainable and scientifically substantiated.

To do this, there are four more important Q's to watch. We believe that balancing your IQ, EQ, FQ and SQ is the optimal foundation for success. We always include these Quotients in our tailor-made change plans.

  • We had a good time, great feedback and even better results. I highly recommend working with Q4change for a nice boost. 

    The level of commitment and motivation in our entire team went through the roof. We experienced a real boost that carried on long after returning to the day-to-day work routine.

    Johan Stolwijk, Deister Electronic -
    Johan Stolwijk, Deister Electronic

Who we are

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